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Fantasy Hall of Fame. admit two to reality football game.

Bask in the glory of the Hall with two tickets to a professional football game for you and an admirer of you.

Have your heroic face etched in history

The winning faces of every Hall of Famer is made into a bronze bust for future generations to look upon.

Fame, status, and a gold jacket

Each inductee is awarded a custom fitted gold jacket, so they can wear their accomplishment with pride everywhere they go.

Feeling like achampioncomes standard on the 2018 Camry
Fantasy Football
is born
The world’s first league holds inaugural draft
1999 launches Fantasy Football
The 100% completely accurate* history of Fantasy Football
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Andrew Mousalimas

Owner of the King’s X Sports Bar who launched the first public leagues

John Rozek

Top-ranked Fantasy Football player in the world

Kimra Schleicher

One of the top-ranked Fantasy Football players in the world

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Draft players who will score lots of points.

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The Shiva

Yup, you read that right. The actual Shiva from The League.

The Throne

Winners deserve a plush leather seat on which to rest their glorious backsides.

The Internets

Yahoo brought us free Fantasy Football back in 1999. The high point of the Web thus far.

Football Phone

This innovation combines three things you love: football, talking and being tethered to a wall.

You probably already knew

There’s a league in Nebraska where the loser gets a tattoo designed by the winner.

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